Honolulu Criminal Lawyer

When you are accused of a crime you simply witnessed, you need the best criminal defense attorney we have.

Violent crimes or child pornography can bring serious charges that you will need help with.

If you are accused of a crime you did not do, you will want our experienced criminal lawyer on your case.

If you feel the judge in your case was unfair, let us help you get justice.

Calling on an attorney with experience generally means you can trust them.

For the best legal representation by an experienced legal team, call on our local law office.

You may not think that shoplifting is a crime, but it certainly is.

Although you can have a military attorney represent you, it is always good to talk to our legal team too.

Having a divorce attorney who can mediate your case for you is very important.

With more than 20 years of legal defense experience, we can take care of any case you have.

We have successfully helped members of all branches of the military with defense against crimes.

03/09/17 09:41:49 AM

When you're looking for a law firm that can help you with violent crime defense, contact our law firm.

03/07/17 05:39:22 PM

Assault with a deadly weapon is a crime that can come with some heavy charges, so call our law office right away.

03/06/17 12:09:09 PM

Military crimes are not always defended by military lawyers and we can help you with those cases.

03/05/17 06:45:23 AM

You never want to leave the scene of an accident before the police arrive.

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